Order of Gallifrey

Order of Gallifrey


Time Lords and Ladies, Companions and Aliens, TARDISes and Cybermen, Creators of, K-9s and Daleks…and anyone else with a love of Doctor Who and a desire to make costumes and props for the Whovian universe….

The Order of Gallifrey is a costuming and prop-building club focused on the universe of Doctor Who.  Our primary goals are to help and support each other in creating Whovian costumes and props, and to serve our communities and charities in costume, all while having lots of fun! Allons-y!

The Order began as a small group of less than 20 people, mainly in Southern California, in the fall of 2013.  Since then, we have grown by leaps and bounds into a club with additional “Sectors” in Pennsylvania, Texas, , the Pacific Northwest, the Northeastern and Southwestern U.S. states, and in the United Kingdom.  We have grown into a warm, welcoming and fun community that has become a Whovian home for novice costumers on a thrift-store budget and expert tailors alike.

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 The Order of Gallifrey is a proud affiliate of abbyshot!

AbbyShot's Twelfth Doctor's Coat