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The Third Doctor: Planet of the Daleks

“Planet of the Daleks” was a six part story in Series 10, the fourth of Jon Pertwee’s five seasons. It featured the appearance of many, many Daleks, including the semi-legendary “Stealth Dalek,” and some very memorable moments.

Figure 1

Although the Third Doctor briefly wears another costume during the story, we are treated to a rare scene of The Doctor changing clothes by selecting a new outfit from a cabinet in the TARDIS, at which point he dresses in this interesting number, which is only worn during the six parts of this story.

This template will allow you to build a fan accurate Third Doctor costume as he appeared in “Planet of the Daleks” in the Twelfth Season. Holy purple cow, batman! Unfortunately, while we like to use the Underground Toys/Character Options action figures as visual references whenever possible, the current action figure for this particular costume is not particularly accurate – it’s simply a bad repaint. So, we’ll have to go solely with screenshots, in this case.

Note that there are several unusual things about this costume. In addition to it being the only double breasted smoking jacket that Jon Pertwee wore during his long tenure as The Doctor, it was one of those rare serials in which the Third Doctor never wore an Inverness Cape, and one of the very rare “off planet” stories in which he favored ordinary shoes over his traditional “off planet” long boots.

This Template may be used for both Casual and Advanced level recreations of this costume. Relevant data for each level is provided in the information that follows.

 Casual Components Summary:

  • Double Breasted Smoking Jacket in Purple
  • Lavender Dress Shirt with Lace Cuffs
  • Thin Back Ascot or Cravat
  • Black or Dark Purple Pants
  • Black Chelsea Boots

Advanced Components Summary

  • Double Breasted Smoking Jacket, Purple, with Herringbone OR Corduroy Texture, Notched Collar, and two or three button cuffs. (Optionally may be constructed to be opened or closed.) Buttons on the main body of the coat should be black or purple; the buttons on the cuffs should be white, pearl white, or silver metal colored.
  • Lavender Dress Shirt with subtle lace ruffles at chest and cuffs. Highly ruffled shirts are NOT acceptable.
  • Thin Black Ascot or Cravat (jury’s still out on this one, so we’ll accept either)
  • Black or Dark Purple Pants. If Dark Purple Pants chosen, their material should match the material of the Smoking Jacket as much as possible.
  • Black Chelsea Boots
  • Hair powdered grey or white, or a wig in those same colors.
  • “Athena” Pinky Ring, Right Hand
  • Silver Pinky Ring, Left Hand

Optional Components:

  • Sonic Screwdriver
  • “Stealth Suit” (described below)

Detailed Description:


For most of “Planet of the Daleks,” The Doctor wears a dark purple smoking jacket, made of wool or cotton wool.

As seen in Figure 2, the jacket featured a texture that is probably akin to Corduroy but which some sources insist was a sort of “Herringbone.” The jacket was a dark purple, double-breasted, notch collared smoking jacket.  The cuffs had two or three buttons each, and could be opened or closed (a feature commonly requested by John Pertwee.) Buttons on the main body of the coat were probably black (though they appear purple in some lighting, so either is acceptable), and the buttons on the cuffs would appear to have been in a different shade: shades of white, pearl, and silver have been suggested.


For the majority of the six episodes, the Doctor wears a lavender dress shirt with lace at the collar and cuffs. As typical of later Pertwee episodes, the lace is far more subtle and appropriately stated, like that of an Eighteenth Century gentleman or officer rather than a pirate. This was a deliberate choice by Mr. Pertwee, who believed that the heavier lace of the “pirate” style shirts he’d worn earlier was simply too uncomfortable.

Ascot or Cravat:

The Doctor wears an interesting necktie, likely an Ascot, possibly a Cravat, thin cut, in black or lavender. Given Mr. Pertwee’s tendency to change clothes on set, it’s entirely possible both colors were worn at one point or another.


In this story, the Third Doctor wore both black and purple dress pants. The black pants were basic black dress pants. The purple pants were made in a shade and material that seems to have matched very closely to the smoking jacket – in Corduroy or the claimed “Herringbone.”


In MOST stories, Three wore “shoes” while on Earth and “boots” while off planet. This is not one of those stores. Instead, Mr. Pertwee wears black Chelseas for the vast majority of the episodes within the story arc. There is nothing particularly unusual or hard to find about these Chelseas – any black, round-toed pair will do the trick.



John wore two rings on set in virtually every episode. On his left pinkie, John wore a simple silver band. This was his wedding ring. On his right pinkie, John wore an Ancient Greek coin of Athena, one he’d personally salvaged from a Classical shipwreck, mounted to a silver band. Both can be found, with some searching; the Athena ring in various forms often comes up on Ebay, as it was a fashion statement of the Victorian and Edwardian eras long before Mr. Pertwee wore his own.

Optional Accessories:

  • Gloves: Black leather driving gloves, worn in many sequences of the story.
  • Sonic Screwdriver: Not used frequently in the episode, but it was there. Any Third Doctor style Sonic should do the trick since it was seen so rarely

And then, of course, there’s the Stealth Suit:

This bizarre piece appears to be a purplish-blue fur cloak of some kind, intended to “hide” the Doctor and his allies from the Daleks. We’ve never seen it reproduced, but it could probably be done with Teddy Bear fur and a lot of patience. (See Reference 4)


  • Black Leather Gloves
    The Third Doctor always looked rather dashing when he wore his black leather driving gloves, and you can see these in many screen captures from the story. Again, these should be sturdy but thin and easy to wear. You’re looking for “driving” style gloves – not winter gloves.
  • Powdered Hair or Wig
    Pertwee had some fantastic hair by this stage… really wild. Appears blonde in some shots, white in others. A bit of hair powder should do you good if you prefer to avoid wigs, but in either case, this is totally optional.
  • Silver pinky ring, right hand
    If not wearing gloves. John Pertwee typically wore a simple silver pinkie ring on the right hand, and his “Athena” greek coin ring on the left. Reproductions of the latter can be had, and it’s easy enough to approximate the former.
  • “Athena” pinky ring, left hand
  • Third Doctor style Sonic Screwdriver
    Not sure how often he uses it in this episode; it’s hard to tell by examining the screen shots, but it would be expected in use by this stage in the Third Doctor’s run. Again, you won’t go wrong with the Character Options model.
  • “Stealth Suit” (as seen in Figure 4)

    Figure 4: – I once killed a Muppet, just to watch him die…

    Apparently the Third Doctor skinned Cookie Monster when he said somethingunpleasant about The Doctor’s mother. Or … something else happened. Whatever the case, there is a sequence wherein The Doctor and his allies are wearing these blue-purpley fur cloak things, which you can see in Figure 4. Strictly optional, but err… certainly unique. Officially, they were used to deceive the optical sensors of the Daleks.