Order of Gallifrey

Gown: The gown is a cotehardie of the 13th century and should be made from red velvet. There should be grommets down the front and a silver belt worn low on the waist. The outer sleeves should go to a point well past the fingertips. All of the trim should be silver. For accuracy, an… Read Article →

Third Doctor The beloved Third Doctor, portrayed by Jon Pertwee, first appeared in 1969, following the regeneration of the Second Doctor. Although we never see the actual regeneration, Patrick Troughton’s final episode makes it clear that the Second Doctor was told he could choose any form, that he hesitated and that, eventually (perhaps with some… Read Article →

Title (character name) Write up of character/costume. Summary: Text

The Third Doctor: Planet of the Daleks “Planet of the Daleks” was a six part story in Series 10, the fourth of Jon Pertwee’s five seasons. It featured the appearance of many, many Daleks, including the semi-legendary “Stealth Dalek,” and some very memorable moments. Although the Third Doctor briefly wears another costume during the story, we are… Read Article →

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