Nominations Open for 2016-2017 Leadership Positions

Greetings, everyone.

I am pleased to inform you that nominations for the 2016-2017 term for leadership in the Order of Gallifrey are now live.
Please make your nominations in the main Facebook group. Voting will take place on our forums, which are located at

First. please note that all offices are open for nomination save those of Chancellor and Vice Chancellor which we traditionally award to second runners up in election. Any slots not filled are typically appointed by the Lord/Lady President.

Second, please don’t be put off by the names. When we formed, the members were very keen on “in universe” titles, so we’ve tried to keep it that way. For example, “Lord President” is a bit hoighty toighty, but everybody who’s held the office in canon has used the title (expanded universe, some of the ladies switch off between this and “Lady President” now and then. You can choose whatever you like.)

Third, you may be curious as to where your Sectors are. That is fairly simple. We are still in the process of building sectors, and the Club is entering its third active year, so you may well be in an area that has an over-large sector, or perhaps an area that has no sector. If you feel your area should be represented, all you need to do is ask, and we’ll work with you to build the foundation.

If you are in California, you are currently a part of Bad Wolf Sector, if from Bakersfield south, Bad Wolf Bay if from north of Bakersfield to the Oregon border. We do not currently have a formal presence in Bad Wolf Bay beyond the name, but we do have a growing number of members there.

If you are in Arizona, New Mexico, or Nevada, you are in Gallifrey Sands.

If you are in Pennsylvania or north to the Canadian border, you are part of Daemon’s Run. We recognize that this is a large sector.

If you are in Texas, you are part of Skarro Sector.

If you are in Washington, you are currently part of the Medusa Cascade.

f you are in the United Kingdom, you are currently part of Gallifrey Sector. We know it’s quite large… we are working on it, but we are still setting down roots.

Any other questions or concerns? Feel free to post. I will post a separate nominations thread for the purposes of nominating officers. Good luck to all!

Alex Bagosy