2015-2016 Officers

(Inter)National Offices:
Lord President – Alex Bagosy of Bad Wolf Sector
Chancellor – Lisa Roberts of Demon’s Run Sector
Castellan – Jana More of Gallifrey Sands Sector
Gold Usher – Sandi Dreer of Skaro Sector
Archivist – Shawn McGaughey of Bad Wolf Sector

Sector Offices:
Bad Wolf
Commander – Brian Uiga
Vice Chancellor – (open)
Bronze Usher – Jennifer Bagosy

Demon’s Run
Commander – Clay Dockery
Vice Chancellor – Stephen Webb
Bronze Usher – Christine Evans

Gallifrey (not included in the official elections)
Commander – Andrew Creak
Vice Chancellor – (open)
Bronze Usher – (open)

Gallifrey Sands
Commander – (open)
Vice Chancellor – (open)
Bronze Usher – (open)

Medusa Cascade (appointed earlier this fall)
Commander – Riff Millar
Vice Chancellor – Kevin Wolfe
Bronze Usher – (open)

Commander – Coleen Swafford
Vice Chancellor – Kayle VanSchuyver
Bronze Usher – Keely Graesser