Costume Endorsement: What it Means

The Order of Gallifrey does have an approval-type process, which we call “Endorsement,” and we also have minimum costume standards.  However, these things work differently than in other clubs with similar arrangements.
**Please note that when we use the term Endorsement, we mean that a costumer is Endorsed by the Order, NOT that this group or any costumer has been endorsed by BBC.
First, Endorsement is voluntary and is not required to be a member of the Order or to participate in the vast majority of our activities.  Anyone may join us at casual meet-ups, conventions, or community or charity events, or to participate on our Facebook group or forums, whether or not they have an Endorsed costume or prop (or whether they have one at all).
The differences between Endorsed and non-Endorsed members are:
(1) If we ever reach a point as a group in which an event host request a certain character to appear at their event and requests a level of fan accuracy for those costumes, our Endorsed members will be asked to participate.
(2) Endorsed members will be able to hold office (once we have officers) and to vote on all Order matters including on Endorsements of other members.  Non-Endorsed members generally will not be able to vote on all polls and elections, with the exception of votes to approve the charter and/or bylaws (once these are ready), and votes to amend those documents.  Because those documents affect the fundamental nature, rules, and culture of the group, all members, regardless of Endorsement, will get to vote on creation of and changes to those documents.
Second, we strive for “fan accuracy” rather than strict screen accuracy in costuming.  That is, we ask, would a fan of the show who had seen the episode in which your costume appeared recognize you as that character?  Not: is every stitch, seam, or fabric pattern or shade perfect.
Third, we have no costume officers or judges, and we do not intend to create those positions.  Members vote on whether an applicant should be Endorsed.

Costume Endorsement: How Endorsement Works

What Do I Need to Get Endorsed?
You can get a costume or large prop “Endorsed” if your costume or prop meets the guidelines contained in standards created by our members.
These have a list of the minimum pieces needed, along with tips for upgrading over time, if you desire.   How much you want to upgrade from that point is your choice.  A number of our standards contain lots of detail and screen-shots to give you enough information to make your costume as accurate as you would like to.
What Types of Costumes/Props Can Be Endorsed?
Any Doctor, Companion, enemy, alien, or other character seen in the Doctor Who Television show or depicted in the comics or official artwork accompanying the audio dramas.
We will also Endorse substantial props built by members, such as Daleks, K-9s, TARDISes, TARDIS consoles, “The Moment” cube from the 50th Anniversary special, etc.
We will Endorse Whovian “inspired by” costumes – for example, “femme” versions of the Doctors, Doctor Who “mashup” costumes (i.e. with other fandoms), and custom TARDIS and Dalek dresses.
How Do I Apply For Endorsement?
To get Endorsed, post one or more photos of yourself in costume or your prop here:
Costumes: http://orderofgallifrey.proboards.com/board/54/costume-endorsements
Props: http://orderofgallifrey.proboards.com/board/55/prop-endorsements
Your photos should show the costume from head to toe.  A rear-view shot isn’t necessary for most costumes unless there’s a specific costume piece or element that can only be seen from the back.  (One example might be the 6th Doctor, since the back of the coat is different from the front.)
You should also post a link to the applicable standard, if there is one.  If there isn’t, post a photo or screen-shot reference of the costume so voters may have a basis for comparison.
Then one of the administrators will set up a poll so others can vote.  Polls are open for 4 days, so that applicants get an answer quickly!
I Want To Vote On Another Member’s Endorsement Poll; What Should I Look At When Voting?
First, see what the standard for that costume says, if there is one.  If there is no standard, look at the reference photos from the show, comic or art that the costumer provided and ask yourself if a fan of the show who’d seen that character would recognize the costume.
Second, do not judge the costume based on the costumer’s race, national origin, gender, age, body size or type, or disability, or religion or sexual orientation, if you happen to have that information about the costumer.   We do not discriminate against any member or potential member based on any of these factors.  Our Code of Conduct prohibits making derogatory comments about anyone’s costume based on these factors, but we also expect that you will not vote on Endorsement based upon these factors.   Anyone is welcome to costume any Doctor Who character with us.
Note: the “disability” part applies not only to those using wheelchairs, but also to more common medical conditions and devices.  A person who wears glasses is not required to take them off in costume.   Those with foot/ankle/knee problems or pain will not be penalized for wearing the shoes they need to wear.  Along those lines, high heels will never be required.
Third, we will not require costumers to dye/cut/grow their hair or wear wigs.  Some people cannot use dye or wear wigs due to allergies, but also, for others, wigs are so uncomfortable that they would be a “dealbreaker.”  So – hair colors and styles are optional parts of the standard for each character.