Costume Standards

Costume Standards (as of December 2014)

Coming Soon – All Standards to be linked directly on this page or the pages in this section! This page is under construction, and we will add the links as soon as we can.  Until that time, please see our Facebook Group and Forums for current standards. Please understand that you will have to be a member to see the standards, but don’t worry, we’re very welcoming!

Our Costume Standards are different from those you might have encountered before in a few ways:

  • You are not required to have a costume meeting the standards to participate in the vast majority of our activities. (See the Costume Endorsements page for more information)
  • The standards provide guidelines for creating, buying or finding pieces for a  “fan accurate” version of each costume.  Fan accurate (as opposed to screen accurate) means, would a fan of the show who’d seen the episode in which your character appears recognize you?  This is different from strict screen accuracy – for example, many 10th Doctor costumers are easy to recognize in blue suits even without the Doctor’s hard-to-find pinstripes, or any pinstripes at all.
  • The standards also serve as a resource: we seek to provide as much information about each costume as we can find.  That way, members who choose to do so can upgrade or start with costumes that are as accurate as they would like to make them.  In other words, we’re here to help you achieve your personal level of accuracy in costuming.
  • Any member who is familiar with a costume is welcome to contribute by writing a draft standard and putting it up for discussion on our Facebook group or Forums. More than welcome, in fact – we want your help!  Pretty please?  Standards are open for review and discussion by the group.