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Hey folks! As you may know by now, most election results are in, so without further ado, here are the results, with one position* still pending, and one unfilled: Lord/ Lady President: Jennifer Renee Chancellor (XO/Chief Legislator): Coleen Danner Swafford Castellan (Member Rep/Rights Advocate/Code of Conduct Officer): Brian Uiga Gold Usher (Overall Pr/Merch/Events): Cindy Lamb… Read Article →

Greetings, everyone. I am pleased to inform you that nominations for the 2016-2017 term for leadership in the Order of Gallifrey are now live. Please make your nominations in the main Facebook group. Voting will take place on our forums, which are located at orderofgallifrey.proboards.com. First. please note that all offices are open for nomination… Read Article →

The Order of Gallifrey will be hosting a Meet-Up at Gallifrey One. It will be in the meeting room on the 18th floor of the Marriott LAX on Friday, February 12th from 4 pm to 5 pm! Hope to see you there! Meet-Up Event on the Gallifrey One schedule Facebook Event  

(Inter)National Offices: Lord President – Alex Bagosy of Bad Wolf Sector Chancellor – Lisa Roberts of Demon’s Run Sector Castellan – Jana More of Gallifrey Sands Sector Gold Usher – Sandi Dreer of Skaro Sector Archivist – Shawn McGaughey of Bad Wolf Sector Sector Offices: Bad Wolf Commander – Brian Uiga Vice Chancellor – (open)… Read Article →

Our website has a new look! All the content remains, we just tweaked the theme a bit. Let us know what you think or if something looks a bit wibbly-wobbly!

The Order of Gallifrey is proud to announce that we are now an affiliate for abbyshot.com! Every purchase you make with abbyshot through our link will allow the Order of Gallifrey to earn funds that can be used for our membership!

The 2015 Officers for Bad Wolf sector are: Commander: Audra Atkins-Reeves Vice Chancellor Katie Aiani Bronze Usher: Cindy Kalionzes The 2015 officers for Demon’s Run sector are: Commander: Clay Dockery Vice Chancellor:  John Pergosky Bronze Usher:  Becca Victoria The 2015 officers for Gallifrey Sands Sector are: Commander:  Jana Moore The 2015 officers for Skaro Sector are:… Read Article →

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