A WARM welcome to all of our new and potentially new members. Welcome to the Order of Gallifrey.Those of you who decide to join us will be most welcome to become part of our family. Those of you who do not can always count on us to answer any questions or help you solve any dilemmas in the world of Whovian Costuming and Prop Building.

I thought I’d begin with some basic stuff to get you all up to speed (and to remind some of our veterans.) A few months ago, the membership cobbled together a FAQ, and Jennifer Bagosy laid it all out. Here is that FAQ, updated with some new information.

This is a bit longish, but most folks find it very useful when getting started.

  1. What is the Order of Gallifrey? We are a costuming and prop building club! This means that, not only do we advise and assist each other with costume build questions and sourcing the right parts, we also do events (troupes or adventures… we seem to go back and forth as to how to properly refer to them) together!
  2. What kind of adventures?So far, as of 2015, we’ve had fan tables at cons in Texas and California. We’ve also attended a number of cons around the United States. We are currently planning to host our first Costuming Panel at Wondercon, 2015 in Anaheim California, and working with the folks at the Titanic Exhibition and their upcoming Titanic Mystery Dinner.In addition to expanding our presence at conventions around the country (and around the world, actually), we’re also making an effort to attend events like Ren Faires, Galliday at Disneyland, and would like to continue to help with and participate in fundraising events for charity, an important part of our ethos as a group.Finally local Sectors and Outposts (our ‘local chapters’ in Whovian speak) will often host local get togethers, from costume and prop building parties to bad movie nights, getting together at the local pub or having an English tea, or simply socializing over a soda and some boardgames.
  3. Who is welcome to join the Order? Anyone who is a fan of the Doctor, whether or not they’ve done costuming or prop building in the genre (or at all) before. At the moment, our numbers are expanding and we’re organizing ourselves to help keep track of our members and their projects.The Order currently includes the following levels of membership.
    1. Voting Member (provisionally titled “Cardinals”): Full voting rights, right to run for office, access to special events that require “Endorsed” costumes. Members of High Council of Gallifrey (club legislative body.)Requirements:
      1. Aged 18+ (16+ with written consent from Parent/Guardian, though we do require our officers to be 18+ for legal reasons)
      2. One (1) Costume or Substantive Prop that has been “Endorsed”
      3. Registration on Order of Gallifrey Forums (orderofgallifrey.proboards.com)Currently, everyone has been granted full voting rights until November, 2015, which gives you PLENTY of time to get Endorsed if you’d like to get involved at that level.
    2. Associate Member (provisionally titled “Time Lords”). Invited to the vast majority of events, where they will of course be permitted to costume with what they have if they so choose. This is a good category for those who are still working on their costumes/props and not quite ready to submit for Endorsement. Unable to vote or hold office, except in the cases of emergency votes, or when an office is not elected but appointed.Requirements:
      1. Aged 16+
      2. Interest in Whovian Costuming/Prop Building
    3. Academy Student (provisionally titled “Scholar”). May attend most events with Parent/Guardian permission and presence (which implies permission.)Requirements:
      Designed for members aged 15 or younger who wish to participate and work on their costumes, props.All members shall have the right to access our forums and to seek the guidance and support of our members. At no time shall any “Membership Status” be used as a means of infringing upon the rights of said members, nor shall any bullying, harassment, or elitism be tolerated.The bottom line of what Jen’s trying to say with that last bit is this: we don’t believe in politics, cliques, or infighting here. We’re all equals, and our officers exist to serve the membership, not the other way round. I know this is very high minded, and I realize that this may be impossible to avoid in every instance, but we’re doing our darndest to keep it that way, and to suppress such behavior whenever we become aware of it.
  4. Where are you located? Everywhere and anywhere. Although you’ll see many of us are from Southern California, we have members all over the US and in the UK. We’ve started creating “Sectors” with fun names, like Gallifrey Sector (in the UK, naturally), Bad Wolf Sector (So Cal) Demons Run Sector (Northeastern US), and Skaro Sector (Texas).Want to start a sector in your area? Just speak up!Really! It’s that easy! What’s the difference between a Sector and and Outpost? Size, really. We assume that Outposts will be smaller groups within larger sectors, or within isolated geographic location. The same rights apply to members of both Sectors and Outposts.
  5. What types of costumes are members working on or wearing? Everything from Doctors, to companions, to Cybermen, Daleks and other baddies, as well as custom Doctor Who-inspired outfits (like TARDIS dresses, etc.) Also propmaking, so if you are interested in building a TARDIS or a Face of Boe, for example, that’s great & encouraged!
  6. What is the most common costume in the Order? The most common prop?As of this date (2/17/15), we seem to have a lot of “New” Series Doctors. However, “Classic” series Doctors and Companions are catching up, and rather quickly.Props? These naturally take a lot of time, in some cases. So far the most popular props seem to include variations on the TARDIS and remote controlled doodads like K-9!
  7. What about Daleks? Do you treat those as costumes or props? Both, actually. Originally, the Daleks were entirely operated from within. The newer Daleks are partly operator controlled, partly remote controlled. What you’d like to call it is really up to you.
  8. Do you have formal club stuff like bylaws and officers? As of the current date, we’ve elected our national officers for the first term.These include:
    The Lord President: Chief Executive Officer of the Order of Gallifrey (Currently Alex Bagosy… err.. me.)
    The Chancellor: Chief Legislative Officer of the Order of Gallifrey and XO (Currently Jeff Solo Donoho)
    The Gold Usher: Chief PR and Merchandising Officer. This very important position helps us communicate with the public and helps us both with planning club swag and keeping our members informed as to intelligent decisions regarding costume and prop purchases. (Currently held by Sandi Dreer)
    The Castellan: Chief Judiciary and Charter Officer. Basically, the officer who ensures that the few rules we have are followed, and that everyone is treated fairly. While the President’s job is to represent everyone, the Castellan is responsible for ensuring that everyone -is- represented, from the highest “ranking” officer to the newest of the new. (Currently held by Shawn McGaughey)Our requirements for officers are quite simple.You must be eighteen years of age or older, and you must have an endorsed costume or prop (though this last requirement was waved for the first term.) As for bylaws and rules? We have a code of conduct, and we’re slowly cobbling together an easy to understand charter.
  9. Why a charter? Why officers? I thought you guys were trying to avoid political stuff. This is a very valid question, and there are two important reasons we’ve gone this direction.
    1. Most events that we formally attend, and most venues we’ve looked at for hosting our own events in the near future require some sort of structure, including a published mission statement or charter and clearly defined officers.
    2. We want to ensure that the political shenanigans that have made other costuming hobbies so difficult never get a real foothold here. Establishing a charter helps to lay out early and clearly that everybody has a say, and that we expect everyone to be held to the same standard.
  10. What about Local Officers? That’s next, and happening soon. Keep an eye out. So long as you’re eighteen years of age or older, you’re welcome to give it a go!
  11. What is Endorsement and how does it work? You can get a costume ior prop “Endorsed” if your costume meets the guidelines contained in standards created by our members (available in the Files section of the FB page and on the forums at orderofgallifrey.proboards.com.) These have a list of the minimum pieces needed, along with tips for upgrading over time, if you desire.Don’t see one? Feel free to draft one and post up for members to comment, for a costume you have, are working on, or have researched. Designed to answer the question “what is an 11th Doctor/ TARDIS/ Amy Pond/ etc costume,” the point is to meet these -basic- guidelines set out by our members as to what they expect to see from, say, Romana I, or the 10th Doctor. How much you want to upgrade from that point is your choice.Can you get Endorsed without a standard? Yes, of course. But we may ask your help in writing it afterward. And you don’t even have to get Endorsed if you don’t want to – you’re welcome to come out and play with us for meetups and the vast majority of events. The only exceptions?
    1. Endorsed members get groovy “Endorsed” tags on the forums and receive a membership number.
    2. Endorsed members may be asked to participate in events that request specific characters. For example – every so often, the local English grocery may say, “We’d really like the Fourth Doctor to come and help us sell Jelly Babies for charity” at which point we’d look at our list of Endorsed Fourth Doctors and say “Hey, gentlemen and ladies, we’ve got a cool gig coming up. Can any of you make it?” In other cases, they might ask for the most creative of our members with TARDIS and DALEK dresses and suits, and then we’d look to the Endorsed folks in those areas first.
  12. How can I get Endorsed? Sounds fun! To get Endorsed, post one or more pics of yourself in costume or your prop in the appropriate thread:Costumes: http://www.orderofgallifrey.proboards.com/…/costume-endorse… Props: http://www.orderofgallifrey.proboards.com/#category-15 Pics should show the costume from head to toe. A rear-view shot isn’t necessary for most costumes unless there’s a specific costume piece or element that can only be seen from the back.Then there will be a poll set up so others can vote. We felt that would be more egalitarian at this point than having one or more designated costume judges.Comments on Endorsement requests are perfectly fine, but all posts must be constructive and positive. Also – and this should go without saying but I’ll say it anyway – we welcome costumers of any race, religion, gender, national origin, disability, age (subject to the limitations above for minors), sexual orientation, or body type, and we do not discriminate against anyone for any of these reasons.Any questions? Please feel free to post them here! Also, if anyone wants to chime in with additions to the FAQ or things that weren’t covered, please do so!Finally, some useful contact information…
    Our Official Webpage: OrderofGallifrey.Com
    Forums: orderofgallifrey.proboards.com (requires registration)
    Twitter: ‪#‎orderogallifrey‬
    Email: orderofgallifrey@gmail.com
    Facebook: This group, as well as a page to promote the order. Simply search for “The Order of Gallifrey”
  13. In addition, the following Sectors currently exist. Most have Facebook Groups. Again, wanna get a Sector or Outpost started? Just talk to us!:)
    Bad Wolf (California from Bakersfield south to the Mexican border)
    Demon’s Run (the American Northeast)
    Gallifrey (The United Kingdom – still organizing.)
    Gallifrey Sands (the American Southwest)
    Skaro Sector (Oklahoma, Texas) –

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Updated February 17, 2015