Creating a Wiki Page

Thank you for participating in our Wiki project! If you’re new to creating Wiki pages, this is a breakdown of how it works on the Order of Gallifrey.

  1. Log on to the Member’s Only section (congrats! You’re here!)
  2. Float your cursor over the Member’s Only and down to the “Wiki” section at the top of the screen – the Wiki section will show up when you hover your cursor in the circled area.
    OoG Menu.PNG
  3. Once you’re in the Wiki section, scroll down to the “Template” article & click on it.
  4. Once you’re in the article named “Template”, click on the “Create new” tab.
    edit template
  5. Once you click “Create new”, you’ll be able to create a new costume or prop template.
  6. Add the information relevant to the costume or prop.
    editing the template
  7. Add any images you’d like to add (be sure to use the correct link to the image)insert image.PNG
  8. Save the new template and you’re done!